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Grace + Co. Designs was founded a in 2019 and has grown exponentially over a very short time! We do our best to offer unique items that help YOUR business boom. You grow, we grow; it’s that simple. Our screen print transfers are among the highest quality transfers on the market. Our single and full color designs are EXTREMELLY soft and designed to outlast the shirt they are applied to!

We are a 1 man band. From CEO to the shipping dock, I handle it all. Fights among employees, yep that would be me. I can be hard to work with sometimes 😂. You get the point. I am IT. I don’t have a bunch of people working with/for me so I can not promise lighting fast shipping or responses to your messages within minutes. I do my absolute best and meet our shipping requirements as close to accurate as possible.


Generally ship within 5-8 business days from the MONDAY after close. Business days do not include Saturday and Sunday. We close each Sunday @ midnight with late orders available until 11AM Monday morning.

**Monday + 5-8 Business Days = Start ship day on the Saturday following the pre-order close - Wednesday of the following week.

All designs on a pre-order are sent to production. You never have to worry about a canceled design

Ready to ship

General rule is 2-3 business days. If you order ready to ship and it hasn’t shipped by then. ASK! I don’t care to double check an order. We have a system that flags RTS and pull them as fast as possible however, it can glitch and miss one occasionally.